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Nicolas Siatras

Software Architect



About Me

Hello! I’m Nicolas Siatras.
I’m not your average developer! I’ve been developing and designing software, leading teams and mentoring junior to senior developers for a long time.

I’m highly motivated, my career is marked by consistent achievements. I am commited to follow through on all stages of a project’s lifecycl.

  • Age: 42
  • Residence: Greece
  • Freelance: Available
  • Address: Parashou 100, Athens
My Skills
Software Architect

Visionary leader with a career marked by consistent achievement serving as a software architect, developer and team leader for numerous projects.

Large Scale Solutions

Committed to following through on all stages of the project lifecycle, from organizing and planning, to executing large-scale solutions.

Team Leader

Proven talent in new computing architecture environments to develop and implement innovative applications. Valued as a strong manager, capable of driving teams toward successful project development, implementation and maintenance.


Leverage a steadfast sense of integrity and sound business judgment to resolve complex business and technical problems.

Fun Facts
Writing code since 6 years old
Published my first program in 1991
1 000 Cups Of Coffee
Written code in more than 20 languages
2017 - Present
Senior Developer/Project Manager
Wordbee SA

- Setup and led the team that build Jaws system, an innovative - never done before - system for native InDesign translation.
- Custom developments on the Wordbee translator web platform

2014 - Present
CEO - Software Architect

- Build, an innovative food delivery service with automatic order routing and gps optimization.
- Developed BoltFX, robotic forex trading application.
- Developed Antara Data Binary, a high performance general purpose binary serialization library. It produces a dense byte array in the easiest way and is flexible enough to cover most cases.

2009 - 2015
CEO - Software Architect

- Designed a full-blown platform for games development and deployment that included:
- Automated distributed rendering using Poser, post processing and image composition that has up to date produced over 60M images.
- Localization system integrated to all other software, including database, plugins for Flashdevelop and Visual Studio, workflow for external services/partners and automated building in games.
- Custom ORM to produce code for ActionScript 3 and C# including WCF and remoting services.
- Proprietary binary storage protocol for fast transfer and storage (integrated to ORM)
- Game Design tool that allows to define structure of the game, automated data entry user interface generation, definition of user data including transactions and well structured, ready-to-use code generation in ActionScript 3.
- Full suite of UI components in ActionScript 3
- Isometric engine in ActionScript 3
- Analytics system for game data
- Facebook, VKontakte,, android, iPhone and other social network and payment implementations
- Structure agnostic remote storage system for player data
- Released 6 games on facebook and other platforms that were played by over 30M players. Our flagship product, a female targeted, story-driven adventure includes over 2.500 quests, 120 3D locations, hundreds of characters and is utilizing over 4M images.
- Lead role in game design and monetization

2008 - 2014
CEO - Software Architect

- Created a VOIP platform used by VMS SA for shore-to-ship communications used by over 1.000 ships.
- Designed and implemented the software used from EYDAP (water company for Athens) that evaluates the quality of water.
- Developed (financial news site) for a third party.

2003 - 2008
Software Architect/General Manager
Origin SA

2 Years as Project Manager
- Designed the new technical analysis system for Origin’s flagship product and led the team that developed it, including hands on development.
- Led the team that developed Option analysis software

3 Years as General Manager
- Redesigned the architecture of Origin’s real time servers to accommodate the following:
- Dot Net 2.0 (previous software was in VB6.0)
- Scalable technology
- Sql Server (previous software was using Access)
- MSMQ for message reception
- Multiple stock exchanges (previous software only supported Athens Stock Exchange)
- Web support (previous system only could serve data over TCP/IP socket connections)
- Envisioned, designed and led the team that developed Origin’s first real time web software – which was sold in South Africa’s 2nd largest bank (Standard Bank) through a cooperation I brokered with McGregor BFA.

Byte Computer S.A.

3 Years as Seminar’s instructor
- Microsoft Office Suite
- Windows 2000 Active Directory
- Sql DBA
- Instructor for BP’s transition from windows 95 to windows 2000 platform that worked as a pilot for transition globally. Was selected among all other instructors to fly to the UK (BP’s HQ) and present our methods.

My Skills
  • Software Design
  • C#
  • SQL
  • HTML5/CSS/Javascript
  • Financial Software
  • Game Design
Recent Works
InDesign, Platforms
Antara Data Binary

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